What Can Isabella Do?

JavaScript can change the style of anything depending on how you do it.

They way you code things on Javascript really does impact what comes out. Suppose you want to mess around on it and just experiment on it like how im doing right now.You can get and find out all sorts of things by just being curious!

Right now what i can do is very limited because i only just started 30 minutes ago. But if i had more experience my knowledge on what to do would be far ahead. Im currently just pasting this on notepad and coding it into another website! It may seem hard when you read it or think of it but really it's just a peice of cake once you've gotten the hang of it!!! Isabella can do alot of things when she puts her heart and soul into it and im sure you can too! If you focus on it and do it correctly like how Isabella followed her teachers steps you can ace anything you put your mind into It seems like im just blabbering and going on and on but really i feel like im not. So don't worry! i've got more things to teach you so just listen and follow along! Some facts about Javascript